Various classes are offered at Christ Central to support spiritual growth and maturity. They are numbered in the order we suggest to best facilitate your growth. Please contact with any questions.


Membership (101a)

What is Christ Central all about? Come and learn about our history, our vision and our faith distinctives. After the class you can decide if membership is for you.

Artesia Campus
(one 3 hr class)
Saturday - Oct 20


Baptism & Confirmation (101b)

Do you love and know Jesus? Have you said so publicly? If you haven’t, then take the baptism and confirmation self-study class and then stand before the church to publicly proclaim your faith and love for Jesus.

Self Study
Sunday - Oct 21


Discipleship (201)

Salvation is more than just a new birth, it is a lifelong journey with the Savior. Come and join us as we learn about the cost and joy of following Christ as true disciples.  

2019 Class Info - Coming Soon


Essentials (301)

What do we believe? And why do we believe it? Essential doctrines are the foundations of our faith. They are not just what we believe but they lead to how we live. Join us and be rooted in the Essentials!

Artesia Campus
(three 1.5 hr classes)
Sunday - Sept 9, 16, 23

Registration for this class is closed.


Practical Evangelism (401)

Want to Share the Gospel? Never tried? Too Intimidating? Come and learn how to share the “Good News” of Jesus Christ in real and relevant ways.

2019 Class Info - Coming Soon


Infant Baptism

Infants and children are loved members in the community of believers and the most significant way we acknowledge this is through infant baptism. Join us as we learn what this means for parents and their children (infant to 3 years old).

Self Study
Sunday - Nov 18



Marriage is beautiful but it’s also hard work. Before you say “I Do” make sure you can say “I Did” prepare for a healthy and biblical marriage. Come and be equipped so that our earthly marriages can best reflect our Heavenly marriage to Christ our Lord.

2019 Class Info - Coming Soon