Learn and grow in our love for the gospel

Various classes are offered at Christ Central to support spiritual growth and maturity. They are numbered in the order we suggest to best facilitate your growth. 

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  • Membership Class (101a) – who we are and what it means for you to become a member

  • Baptism and Confirmation Class* (101b) – what it means to publicly proclaim your faith and love for Jesus

  • Discipleship Class (201) – what it means to live as an apprentice of Christ

  • Essentials (301) – how what we believe informs how we live

  • Practical Evangelism Class (401) – how to share the most important message with our loved ones

  • Pre-Marital Class** – what it means to prepare for a life-long journey together

* For those who are not yet baptized or confirmed in their infant baptism

** For couples who are engaged or heading toward marriage



Serving and Leading

Use your gifts & talents to serve others

As believers, we have the great privilege of serving and helping others grow in their journey with Christ. Join us as we use our spiritual gifts in various ministries and service opportunities here at Christ Central.

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