Christ Central Children's Ministry works with our families to raise up children in the light of Jesus, growing together (Community), growing up (Christ) and growing out (Compassion). Our mission is to support the spiritual care of our children and youth through Christ-centered worship, Bible Study, and fun activities!

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College Group

College group aims to provide college students with Gospel centered teachings and community. From regular small group meetings amongst different campuses, to big group meetings on Fridays -- our goal is to equip our Men and Women to live out their Christian lives, and be missional in their campuses and beyond.





SALT exists to meet the unique needs of Christ Central's young adult community by helping them find social and spiritual community. Through regularly organized seminars and fellowship events, SALT aims to develop and foster a network of Christ-centered relationships.





FAMILY Ministry

Family Ministry strives to grow and strengthen families and marriages by building intentional discipleship to Christ into the daily life of the home.



Men's Ministry

The men's ministry exists to create friendships and connections among the diverse group of men within CCSC. Through a variety of fellowship activities throughout the year, we hope to encourage and lift up each other so that we may grow spiritually under Christ.



Women's Ministry

Our goal is to provide women with opportunities to connect, build and deepen relationships with one another in order to foster Christ-centered relationships.

Women's Ministry facilitates luncheons, seminars and prayer meetings to meet the spiritual, emotional, and relational needs of women of CCSC.



Pastoral Care & Counseling Ministry

One focus of the Pastoral Care and Counseling Ministry (PCC) is to provide Financial Assistance for those in need of counseling from a Licensed Therapist, Group Treatment Programs, or Other Professional Counseling Services, but are experiencing financial hardships.




Access Ministry (Special Needs)

The purpose of Christ Central's Access Ministry is to facilitate inclusion and community within the life of the church for the individual with special needs and for their family and to increase awareness and advocacy for the special needs community within our spheres of influence as we live out the gospel.




Worship Ministry

We gather each Sunday to express the timeless truths of God and that He is our greatest treasure. Our worship department exists to facilitate the musical and technical aspects of our corporate worship expression.

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ROC (Reaching Our Community)

By providing free tutoring services to those in our local community, ROC strives to guide students in their studies and future endeavors while building relationships with them and ultimately leading them to know Christ and his saving work.